Primary motivation for gambling

Primary motivation for gambling online casino poker room

This claim could mean that despite being intrinsically driven to begin, extrinsic factors could be more important in motivating gambling behaviour. Identification of motives for gambling among individuals who fall across the entire continuum is necessary to better understand what differentiates problem from non-problem gamblers.

Pathological gambling, gender and risk-taking behaviors. International Gambling Studies, 7 3 Reinforcement from external sources is shown to have the potential to also motivate gambling behaviour. Participants completed a survey in mass testing format. The research extends current knowledge of motivations in the UK and recreational gamblers, introducing a new motivational primary motivation for gambling — activities indirectly related to gambling — and emphasizing the relationship between gambling motivations and behaviours. Received Moivation 20; Accepted Nov Responses were qualitatively analyzed to categorize the reasons given by participants.

Motivation The majority of participants cited their primary motivation for gambling on the Internet as 'entertainment' and generally viewed it as a leisure activity. In this traditional view, money is a gambler's primary motivation, and randomness in games allows the gambler to hope that the gains will. Motivations to gamble in the United Kingdom were examined in relation to . The UK gambling industry is comprised of six primary sectors, as defined by the.

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